iCAMView WebCam Servers
WEBCAM Servers (iCAMView) Models

Traditionally, IP Camera consists of a Server section that handles http functions and the camera itself. These are put together into a single form factor. iCAMView Web Server sets itself apart by separating this. This gives user the flexibility to choose the types of USB camera to connect as well as the type of service (wireless / storage) to use with the server.

Current models of iCAMView are: iCAMView PRO | iCAMFeeler | iCAMView Plus

Common features for the Servers below:
  1. Supported USB devices:
    1. USB Wireless dongle 802.11b/g (using chipset Atheroz / Ralink). See Compatible Wireless Dongle.
    2. USB Hub
    3. USB Flash disk (FAT32 format) for local storage.
    4. Maximum of 2x USB Camera. See Compatible USB Camera.
  2. Supported RS232 device:
    1. Passive InfraRed ("PIR") sensor for more accurate motion detection
    2. Environment Sensor ("NetFeeler Mini") to check temperature, humidity, presence of water. NetFeeler Mini also has built-in RF receiver to connect to;
      1. RF Door / Window sensor (battery operated)
      2. RF Smoke sensor (battery operated)
      3. RF Gas sensor (battery operated)
      4. RF Glass Break sensor
      5. RF PIR sensor (battery operated)
      6. RF Access sensor.
    3. Analog-Digital-Input-Output ("ADIO") adaptor - for 8 channels analog input or up to 16 channels digital input / output. *OEM only*
    4. Biometric sensor - for finger print scanning *OEM only*
  3. Support iMage Server (www.iCV99.net) - a free server that allows direct streaming of video without having to setup DDNS or do Port Forwarding.
  4. Support many third party free DDNS servers and each unit is pre-assigned with a free domain name at ddns.iCV99.net
  5. LCD display to display IP address, Subnet, Gateway, connected camera, wireless and HDD.
  6. Set Motion Detection; continuous or scheduled. Record Motion Detected as images to either FTP / email or as video to connected USB storage.
  7. Set Scheduled Recording, to FTP, email or USB storage.
  8. Set up to 8 different user account & password
  9. Emailing notification for trap events
iCAMView PRO (Model: iCV-32)
Convert USB Camera into IP Camera
iCV32 image

  1. Compact stand-alone web-server
  2. LCD to show current IP address
  3. USB to support compatible Camera, Wireless dongle, Hub, USB storage, etc...
  4. RS232 port to support add-on products
  5. ... more details >>
iCAMFeeler (Model: iCV-33)
Integrated IP Camera + Environment Sensor + PoE

  1. Support Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  2. Built-in Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  3. Built-in RF receiver
  4. Built-in PoE splitter
  5. LCD to show IP address, temperature and humidity readings
  6. Additional RS232 port for add-on device
  7. ... more details >>
iCAMView Plus (Model: iCV-22)
Web Server for USB Camera
iCAMView Plus

iCAMView Plus
  1. Simplified version of iCAMView PRO
  2. Converts USB camera into an IP Camera
  3. ...more details >>
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