Previous version of the firmware

There are previous version of the firmware. If you would like to download the lastest firmware, please visit DOWNLOADS.

Firmware for models:  HCV73&HCV72  |  HCV91

Previous version Firmware (for HCV73 & HCV72 hardware only):

For v2.55.CV73.7a02.bin and v2.55.CV73.WST.7a02.bin (released 2nd October '07);
  1. FIXED: Email sending in multi-language issue
  2. FIXED: Spelling and grammar correction.
  3. FIXED: "Error on Page" message shows up on ActiveX.
  4. FIXED: IE will sometimes close if, System Settings --> Restart or About --> reset to factory default.
  5. FIXED: With camera position set to "upside down", view using Java mode; IE correct in 6 sec., Opera in 3 sec.
  6. FIXED: Motion Detection codec rewrite.
  7. ADDED: iMage Server notice texts.
  8. ADDED: URL link to access jpeg image without logging in for PDA
    [To view camera image]
      user: user account
      password: user password
      cam: 1,2
        1: camera A
        2: camera B
    [To control camera direction]
      user: user account
      password: user password
      cam: 1,2
        1: camera A
        2: camera B
      command: 1,2,3,4
  9. ADDED: Compatible Camera (Genius web camera 0x458/0x7007 TAS5130C ) added
  10. ADDED: For Motion Detection & Scheduled Recording; Send to FTP Server --> Loop when file reaches; if set to "1" then image will always be save onto the same filename.
  11. ADDED: System Status --> System Information (Firmware version); to also show current firmware build number.
  12. ADDED: Click on info icon in Networks, Email/FTP and iMage Server page to bring up a description of the feature.
  13. ADDED: Notice text in iMage Server page.
  14. ADDED: Drop down menu selection for Camera Settings (Maximum Number of Connections). Max set to 5.
For v2.54.CV73.bin  (released 11th June '07);
  1. FIXED: Sudden power cut-off when ActiveX is initializing will cause entire system to hang.
  2. FIXED: Problem with saving email address with long extensions.
  3. FIXED: DHCP cannot easily obtain a LAN IP.
  4. FIXED: Server will lose it's IP position if LAN IP address is changed using the WEB UI.  System restart is necessary.
  5. FIXED: Mislabeled language removed.
  6. FIXED: Event log did not record DDNS info if manually updated.
  7. FIXED: Java problem, if camera is unplugged and reconnected immediately or when there is a sudden power loss.
  8. ADDED: User can assign FTP server port for image upload.
  9. ADDED: Motion Detection email notification includes Server's current URL.
  10. ADDED: Camera A & B can be separately saved.
  11. ADDED: Choice of web interface language and email language.
  12. ADDED: Portuguese (Brazilian) language support.
For v2.53.CV73.bin  (released 10th January '07);
  1. New iMage Server function (Advanced Settings --> iMage Server).  The iMage Server allows iCAMView to bypass Port Forwarding and DDNS setup.
  2. New DDNS function (Basic Settings --> Network --> iCAMView Dynamic DNS).
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Previous version Firmware (for HCV91 hardware only):

For v3.3.CV91.8c02.zip  (released 17th Nov '08);  v3.3.CV91.NOB.8c02.zip
  1. FIXED: When viewing recorded USB video, only one thumbnail will show and the rest does not..
For v3.3.CV91.8b17.zip  (released 17th Nov '08);  v3.3.CV91.NOB.8b17.zip
  1. FIXED: When using PDA.cgi, refresh issue when clicking directional arrow.
  2. ADDED: http://x.x.x.x/showimga.cgi and http://x.x.x.x/showimgb.cgi ;  these are alternative to /PDA.cgi
For v3.3.CV91.8b10.zip  (released 10th Nov '08);  v3.3.CV91.NOB.8b10.zip
  1. FIXED: Wireless Settings. Authentication problem when used with Open System / Shared Key.
  2. IMPROVED: FTP handshake method modified.
  3. IMPROVED: When using PDA.cgi method.  Clicking left, right, up, down link will auto-refresh to the new picture.  Previously, after clicking directional link, user must click 'Refresh' to get an updated picture.
  4. FIXED: Picture is now showing properly on Symbian Phone using UCWEB type browser (eg. Nokia, etc).

For v3.3.CV91.8A13.zip (released 13th October '08);

  1. FIXED: Bugs related to USB flash disk usage.
For v3.3.CV91.8828  (released 28th August '08);
  1. ADDED: User can now determine the number of minutes before each image is sent for Scheduled recording.  See Advanced Settings --> Scheduled Recording --> Enable Schedule Recording --> Send image to FTP / email every xxx minute(s).
For v3.3.CV91.8429  (released 29th April '08);
  1. FIXED: System Status to display PID / VID information of connected USB devices.
For v3.3.CV91.8321.bin  (released 21st March '08);
  1. FIXED: Bugs on 303PLH camera processor
For v3.3.CV91.8222.bin  (released 22nd February '08);
  1. FIXED: Operating bugs
For v3.2.CV91.7C07.bin  (released 7th December '07);
  1. FIXED: Operating bugs
  2. CHANGED: NetFeeler Lite renamed to Security
For v3.2.CV91.7B06.bin  (released 6th November '07);
  1. ADDED: Upgrade firmware from WEB UI. Goto Advanced Settings --> About --> Upgrade Firmware, select the *.bin file from your local hard drive and click Upgrade. Note: If the connection is lost during upgrade, the unit will fail. It can only be reset via firmware upgrade using iCAMView Utility, while in the same LAN.
  2. ADDED: URL link to access jpeg image. Video streaming on webpage can be achieved using META / Java script.
    [To view camera image]
      user: user account
      password: user password
      cam: 1,2
        1: camera A
        2: camera B
    [To control camera direction]
    example:   user: user account
      password: user password
      cam: 1,2
        1: camera A
        2: camera B
      command: 1,2,3,4
For v3.2.CV91.7911.bin  (released 10th September '07);
  1. FIXED: Basic Settings --> Camera settings; reset button malfunction.
  2. FIXED: Advanced Settings --> Motion Detection --> Stop sending to FTP / Email not showing correct values.
  3. FIXED: LCD slow boot-up and unstable issue
  4. IMPROVED: ViMicro ZC0323 camera can adjust to 60Hz.
  5. ADDED: Support for Toshiba & Kingston USB disk
  6. ADDED: Only user with Administrator permission can change image resolution under (Basic Settings --> Camera settings --> Image size)
For v3.2.CV91.7830.bin  (released 30th August '07);
  1. FIXED: FPS not shown when viewing video in Java.
  2. FIXED: Problem when reading USB disk
  3. FIXED: Slow reaction to Motion Detect recording.
  4. FIXED: NetFeeler Lite shows warning even if temperature / humidity within specified range.
  5. FIXED: brightness adjustment on ZC0301 processors.
  6. FIXED: Unable to manually restart from remote IE browser.
  7. FIXED: LCD display start-up delay and inconsistent issue.
  8. FIXED: Corrections in Language web page.
  9. FIXED: View images via PDA using browser via http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/image.cgi
  10. IMPROVED: Motion Detection sensitivity & reduced Motion Detection idling interval.
  11. IMPROVED: Advanced Settings --> System Settings --> System Restart, option to set in minutes / hours.
  12. IMPROVED: Advanced Settings --> iMage Server; layout and help texts.
  13. ADDED: Support ViMicro ZC0323 1.3MP processor.
  14. ADDED: USB DVR function.  Support USB disk storage and management of Video.
  15. ADDED: Support video recording using iPOD.
  16. ADDED: Information --> System Status; to show USB camera info (VID / PID / Sensor type) and other USB device info.
  17. ADDED: User editable Email / FTP server port under (Advanced Settings --> Email / FTP --> Email / FTP settings)
  18. ADDED: New email format for Motion Detection.
  19. ADDED: Russian language support.
For v3.1.CV91.bin  (released 1st June '07);
  1. ADDED: USB disk dismount button.
  2. ADDED: Server will check with NTP once an IP is obtained via DHCP.
  3. ADDED: LCD will display USB disk icon, when connected.
  4. ADDED: hardware reset to default function
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