IP Camera Models
IP Camera with MicroSD slot and InfraRed (Model: IP-05L)
IP05L Wall Mount IP05L iso IP05L coin
IP-05L with wall mount Alternate wall mount Relative to a Quarter
IP Cam with MicroSD slot and Infrared IP-05L is one of the most compact IP Camera available. It's small size and yet packed with a powerful iCAMView PRO server, 4x Infrared LEDs, VGA camera and a built in Micro SD storage slot.

Its small size makes it ideal for remote surveillance. It can be easily concealed and setup to monitor corridor or alley against unintended intrusion. The system can also be setup as a stand-alone (wireless) remote recorder. Recording video to the Micro SD card when a motion is detected. The user can at a later date, remotely login to retrieve and review the videos.
  1. iCAMView PRO built-in
  2. Support MicroSD for video (avi or wmv) recordings
  3. Support secondary add-ons like USB camera and USB wireless
  4. Built-in Infrared LEDs
  5. Hardware reset button
  6. Comes with wall mount or desk stand options.
  7. Does not support NetFeeler Mini / PIR sensor
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