IP Camera Models
Fixed IR IP Camera (Model: IP-01b)
IP01b front IP01b back
IP-01b front view IP-01b back view
IP-01b is a small yet versitile IP camera. It is easy to setup and can be installed anywhere. User can select multiple resolution with the largest onboard camera resolution of VGA (640x480). Camera resolution can be upgraded to SXGA (1280x1024) with the addition of a USB MiniCamera (Model CM-51).

The system supports up to 30 remote logins and ability to set up to 8 different user account and password settings.

Apart form some of the common features found in iCAMView PRO servers, IP-01b has the following:
  1. One of the smaller form factor: 51 (W) x 85 (L) x 26 (H) (main unit, without stand)
  2. High intensity Infrared LED x2.
  3. On board camera resolution: VGA. Upgrade to SXGA (1280x1025) by connecting CM-51.
  4. Second USB port for other devices.
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