iCAMView WebCam Servers
iCAMView Plus (Model: iCV-22)
Web Server for USB Camera
iCAMView Plus iCV22.RJ45 iCV22.USB
iCAMView servers LED, RJ45 & DC input USB port x2
iCAMView Plus is the strip down version of iCAMView PRO. iCAMView Plus is designed with one purpose, that is to allow user to convert a regular USB camera into an IP camera. It does not feature wireless access or ability to connect a USB storage. This has made it a versitlie unit, suitable for remote surveillance.

iCAMView Plus network layout:

iCV22 Network

iCAMView Plus Description:

iCV22 Description

See the Specification sheet to compare between iCAMView Plus, iCAMView PRO and iCAMFeeler.

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