iCAMView RS232 Add on
RS232 Add-On Device for iCAMView PRO

The additional RS232 port allows iCAMView PRO to connect to device that support RS232 protocols. Currently there are two product that iCAMView can support via the RS232 port. They are Passive InfraRed ("PIR") sensor and NetFeeler Mini (see below for more details).

iCAMView PRO is not limited to the above two RS232 devices. As long as the protocol is available, it is possible to incorporate it into iCAMView. Modification to iCAMView PRO firmware is necessary in order to display the appropriate information.
Passive InfraRed ("PIR") Sensor (Model: PIR-01) new
  1. Measures infrared light to detect motion
  2. Compatible with iCAMView PRO servers that has RS232 port
  3. ... more details >>
NetFeeler Mini new
  1. Compatible with iCAMView PRO server that has RS232 port
  2. Built-in sensors to detect changes in surrounding temperature and humidity .
  3. Built-in wireless RF sensor.
  4. Use with Wireless Smoke Sensor to detect presence of smoke.
  5. Use with Wireless Security Sensor to detect unauthorized access.
  6. Monitor changes in environment thru the internet.
  7. Able to send TRAP notifications via email.
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Analog-Digital-Input-Output ("ADIO") adaptor

ADIO is a sensor collector and transmitter.  It is designed to use with dry contact (digital) or DC analog equipment or devices.  With the ADIO these devices can now be accessed and controlled from the internet via iCAMView PRO webpage. The user can then receive data, warning emails with picture attachments when an event occurs.  The user can also use the ADIO to control other DC analog devices.

  1. Support 16 channels for Voltage Input and Output OR 8 channels Analog Input.
  2. 0V to 4.096V detection range in 8-bit / 10-bit / 12-bit resolution for Analog Input.
  3. Connect sensors via a RS232 port.
This product is designed on a project by project basis. For detailed information please email us.
BioMetric Sensor

Biometric Sensor can be connected to iCAMView PRO via RS232 port.  The sensor can be used in either fingerprint safe, fingerprint door lock, as an access control or in an IC card system.  It is also suited for POS machine, attendance register, device lock and etc...

This product is designed on a project by project basis. For detailed information please email us.
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